Set and Costume Design (inc. making the Tudor stained glass windows)

Dir. Katherine Armitage 

Devised by the cast and director; based on the novel by Bram Stoker. Set across the Modern, Victorian and Elizabethan eras. 

Sutton House, Hackney

October 2016 & October 2017

"The production was designed by Isobel Power Smith and was a powerful example of using the limited technical palette of the National Trust venue to its best advantage. The limitations were in lighting and were overcome to be subtle and effective. Costumes played a major part in defining the changes in time and supported the narrative effectively." Live Theatre UK

"Sutton House is pretty much the most atmospheric venue in Hackney, and it turns Tea Break Theatre's 'Dracula' from an entertaining evening to something that's often genuinely chilling." **** Time Out 

"How you react will depend on your susceptibility to this kind of thing. I found myself retreating frequently into the safety of the herd, although of course that safety may always prove illusory. At one point we were herded into a room and surrounded by eerie phantasmal creatures holding candles, chanting in Latin and closing us in…" **** The Peg 

Assistant Costume Designer: Ge Hatton 

Photographs 1-8 from the 2017 production. Photographs 9 & 10 from the 2016 production

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